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Jacob Robinett

April 06, 2021
This business is first class. Very professional, clean environment that spoke volumes to my family and I when we decided to buy our first car from them. We’ve since bought two more and have yet to have an issue!


June 12, 2021
This place is one of the best places out here. It’s small but that’s what I like. Too many places around here buy anything they can and look like tow yards themselves. Not here. Their inventory is small but great condition. I bought my Ford Fusion here. The guys are great! They took my vehicle as a trade in (thanks again for that!) which was a weight off my back! They have a 3rd party warranty available which is an absolute must with used cars especially! Great prices too! They have auto shops they send you to for great prices and their customer service is just unbeatable. The guys are so sweet and very easy to talk to. They will work with you! I paid my car off within a month and a couple days ( I hate payments lol) and they were so easy about it! I definitely recommend this place be your FIRST and LAST stop! Their prices are great, inventory is beautiful and the customer service is amazing! Thanks again guys!

Katrina Curtis

March 14, 2021
I'm loving it so far

Kayla Lizotte

August 20, 2021
Very professional and great prices. They were so helpful with any questions I had.

Michael Duckworth

May 05, 2021
Great guys I have bought three cars from them so far

Sandra Souders

June 21, 2021
Extremely nice people. Willing to work with you. Honest. Took a friend very much in need of a vehicle, they worked with her and she now has wheels.

Steven Lindsey

October 28, 2021
Best for less is by far the most friendly atmosphere to buy a car with zero pressure. These guys notified me of a vehicle I was looking for days in advance before it hit the lot and with a deposit , held it for 2 weeks so I could get the cash together. They will bend over backwards to put you in a car or truck and these guys have got the nicest used cars I have seen . I bought my truck , friend bought her jeep, mother bought her car, and niece bought her car all in a matter of a month because they made it happen and all of us are extremely happy. If you dont check them out or see their inventory, you are making a big mistake. Dont let the little lot fool you, they got cars and trucks!!!!! Excellent business . Good people ,great cars. Thanks guys